I love docu-series about animals. You may remember Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, which premiered in 1963 and was still on the air well into the 1980s.

Also, when I was a kid, my dad would let me stay up late and watch Johnny Carson if he was going to feature a guest that was bringing exotic animals. Guests like Jim Fowler (FROM Wild Kingdom) and Joan Embry of the San Diego Zoo were the ones who'd create comedy magic with WHATEVER they'd put in front of Carson.

I also loved watching Jack Hanna when he would come on with David Letterman, and I always wondered how those exotic animals felt about being transported down into the middle of Manhattan.

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While no part of the tri-state is comparable to New York City's third most populous borough, we HAVE been experiencing a greater number of encounters with the kinds of wildlife with which we DIDN'T used to have encounters.

We've had black bears pop up in Webster County, Kentucky, and across the river in southwestern Indiana, not to mention Meade County.

And just the other day, out on U.S. 231, I saw a coyote in my rearview mirror. It was crossing the road behind me.

Then there's the bobcat situation. One was spotted in Evansville three years ago.

Urban sprawl seems to be discombobulating these wild animals. SUBurban sprawl is also a culprit in Warren County, Kentucky where a bobcat paid a visit to a Bowling Green subdivision and was caught on camera for posterity. Say cheeeese:

Can you imagine checking your doorbell camera and finding THAT on your front walk? I mean if this was Charlotte, North Carolina between 2002 and 2014, bobcat (uh, I mean, Bobcat) sightings wouldn't be a huge surprise.

Here kitty, kitty...oh wait, never mind.

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[SOURCE: WBKO-Bowling Green]

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