Today my daughter, Kathern, would have been 13 years old.  I wanted to celebrate this precious milestone year with each of you by remembering her on this special day.


Born, May 12, 2004, almost six weeks too soon, full of spunk and strong will, she changed my world from day one.  She was a Momma's girl, no doubt.  If I was around, no one could hold her.  She would snuggle into my neck and relax her sweet little body with my arms wrapped tightly around her.

Her hair was the darkest brown, with ringlet curls, and she had sun-kissed tan skin and deep blue/gray eyes.  To say she was a beautiful baby would have been an understatement.

I often find myself wondering how she might look today, sound like when she said "Mom, I Love You," how her arms would feel when she hugged me, or what it would be like to talk with her about her first crush on a boy.  I think of all the memories I've missed and each milestone I do not get to cherish and still I am so thankful that God picked me to be her mom.

I imagine we might be gearing up for a big birthday celebration with all her middle school friends, picking the perfect outfit, fixing her hair and talking about boys.  And while I wish I could have all this I know it wasn't part of the plan.


I was given two very short months of memories with my girl.  Memories that some women never get.  Memories of singing, bath times, lots of late nights with no sleep, pictures, smiles, and the blessing of knowing that one day we will have our time together again.

It never gets any easier honestly.  It just becomes tolerable.  I miss her as if she just left this earth.  The pain is still so ever present but the amazing memories fair out weigh the hurt.

Being a parent is a tough job!  Even tougher when you have to lay your sweet baby in the ground before yourself.  I hope I am the kind of mom that would make her proud.

Today instead of mourning the loss of my daughter, I choose to celebrate the life, love, and memories of Kathern Elizabeth Freels.  Beautiful daughter and sister living on forever in our hearts.

Happiest of Birthdays my dear, precious, darling girl, praying your glorious celebration in heaven is fit for the princess you are.  WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH~

Thank you all so much for allowing me to share my girl with you!

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