How is it even possible this day is already here!?
Seems like just yesterday I was waking in the middle of the night with pains 12 weeks early.
Terrified and nowhere near prepared to be a mom, ready or not you arrived. You were absolutely perfect so tiny and purposed to change the lives of those around you.
Your life has not been easy. In just 18 short years you've survived a near-drowning, the death of a sister, an aunt, your Gigi, Pepaw, Papaw Ray, parents divorcing, moving schools several times, and a roller coaster of other situations.
And you handled it all with a maturity far beyond your age. You are loyal to a fault. You love others so deeply and in the most special way. It reminds me of my own mother and her heart.  Never lose that.
She loved you more than you could have ever imagined. When you were born she looked at me and said "I never imagined loving a child as much as I love you and then you gave me Parker."
You paved your own way through life not giving a flip what others were doing or being part of the crowd. It's one of the things I love most about you. You were never worried about being the most popular kid or the star athlete. You knew what it was going to take to accomplish what you wanted and you sought it out with drive and determination.
Your teen years have been rough on this momma. You broke my heart multiple times. Parker, you've taught me more about myself over the years than I planned for you to. You bring out my demons some days. The ones I hide from the real world. Maybe because I have always wanted that white picket fence life with the perfect kids and as I've gotten older and dare I say wiser I have come to realize what is and what will never be and truly embrace it.
God designed you in the most special kind of way. I know he makes all of us special but I believe with all my heart he took extra time with you.
As you open your eyes this morning and step out the door as an adult never forget the advice of those who love you most offered. Tuck them deep in your heart.
Here are a few things you need to remember as you set out on your own:
*You can always come home.
*You are never too old to sit in your momma's lap
*Come Hell or High Water I will always have your back.
*God Purposed you for greatness, seek him in all things.
*You will always be my little boy even when you have your own.
*You are the very best part of who I am.
*Nothing you could ever do would make me stop loving you.
I praise God daily he gifted you to me to raise on this earth.  He could have picked any other woman and he chose me.  I am forever grateful for his deep love and thought in handing you over 18 years ago.


Join me as I celebrate the life of my Parker Kennedy Freels.

Celebrating My Son's 18th Birthday


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