Angel here and today is National Prom Day.  According to the National Day Calendar the day "honors friendship, cherished memories and celebrates the history, joy, and excitement this milestone event brings.  Chad and I are sharing our throwback prom pics.

Riherd Photography
Riherd Photography

Prom was such a fun time.  The picture above is from my senior prom and a bunch of us girls got together and took a picture at Riherd Photography so we could freeze that moment in time.


This picture is Chad's senior prom as well.  Can I just state the obvious?  Why is there a random head in the picture?  Chad cleans up pretty nice.

I actually went to nine proms in high school.  I would go with friends.  I loved getting dressed up then and still do today.  If I had the opportunity to go to prom again you better believe I would.  It was some of the best times I remember having in high school.

Celebrate Nationa Prom Day with us and drop a prom picture on the Facebook page.  Whether your WAY out of high school or sharing a photo of your kids we want to see.  If you are in high school now and have a dress that you may not get to where we would love to see that too.

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