A very long time ago--you might say a few LIFETIMES ago--my family and I flew to Dallas for Thanksgiving. (I highly recommend restaurant Thanksgiving and a Cowboys game on Turkey Day, but that's not why we're here.)

While I was anticipating this unique holiday getaway and seeing my New Mexico family--we were meeting them in the Big D--I actually couldn't quit thinking about who was sitting right in front of us on the airplane.

Celebrity Encounters at the Nashville Airport

I had just seen the Oak Ridge Boys in the Nashville International Airport terminal, and, what do you know, they ended up sitting in the back row of first class while we were in the front row of coach. I've seen the Oaks in concert, but that was the longest span of time I've ever spent with them, come to think of it.

The Oak Ridge Boys Press Conference & Reception
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Two things...we ARE talking Nashville, one of the entertainment capitals of the world, AND air travel is a great equalizer. Until your favorite superstar grows wings or unless they use a private jet, there's a good chance you could see one in an airport.

A Surprise Appearance by Blake Shelton at the Nashville Airport

Recently, that's exactly what happened to a lot of travelers at the Nashville airport when they were treated to a surprise Blake Shelton concert.

One of Blake's Ole Red restaurant-bars is located inside the airport and he decided to treat the folks to a show. Very cool.

One Degree of Separation from Justin Bieber and Ashley Judd

Several years ago, a friend of mine--our Director of Sales Traci Davis--was telling me about her aunt, uncle, and cousins running into Justin Bieber at the Nashville airport. Needless to say, the younger ones flipped out. And SHE saw Ashley Judd just a few years back before boarding her own flight.

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Hey, it's Nashville. None of this should come as a surprise to anyone. Just keep a sharp eye out when you're there and have your phone ready. You never know who you might see.

Before I go, pay close attention in Memphis, too.

[SOURCE: olered.com]

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