Chad here!  The LEGENDARY LIVE concert Saturday was freakin' awesome!!  If you guys were out in the crowd, you know that Jaclyn, Lo Cash, Brett Eldredge, Jason Michael Carroll, Kellie Pickler, Rodney Atkins and Montgomery Gentry put on one heckuva show.  That part you know!  But Jaclyn and I were backstage ALL DAY and we had a video camera!  (Cue demonic laughter!!!!!)   Tomorrow, we'll be posting our video diary.  Basically, I filmed and Jaclyn starred.  Just call me Chad Spielberg because I proved myself to be an incredible filmmaker.  You will be amazed at my technical skills and my ability to really milk a scene with my actors!  (I mean, I milk it like a cow!)  And you can start referring to Jaclyn as Jaclyn Cameron Diaz . . . or, better yet, Jaclyn Maureen McCormick, because she proves herself to be a star of the small screen.  And, be sure to look out for special appearances by Brett Eldredge, the gals from Stoney's in Evansville, and some of you!!  Our movies haven't even released yet . . . but we are already thanking the Academy!

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