Last weekend, the City of Owensboro unveiled the all-new Smothers Park downtown!  And thousands of people flocked to Veteran's Boulevard to check out the new riverfront at Friday After Five and Saturday during the Owensboro Air Show.  Dave Spencer and I were there overgrand-opening weekend as well, broadcasting live and chatting with folks about the exciting downtown improvements.  But, it didn't take us long standing in the cool new playground at Smothers Park to realize we wanted in on the action too.  And, after watching some little kids fly out of one slide in particular, we knew it was on! 

Uh . . . that was AWESOME!!!!  We learned by watching and by trial and error that, the more you weigh, the faster you fly down the slide!  And Dave Spencer joked that if he went down it, he'd probably fly out the end of the thing and land in Nashville.  So, naturally, we decided to put his theory to the test.  WATCH!!

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy the brand new Smothers Park.  It really is a site to behold.  The playground is a huge multi-level collection of climbs, bridges, slides and water jets.  It's a BLAST!!  If you haven't done it yet, head downtown and check it out.  The Owensboro riverfront is beautiful, exciting and REALLY, REALLY FUN!!!