I need your help!  In fact, I need the help of all my friends and dance families who were in Lexington over the weekend for the 2019 KDCO State Championships at Frederick Douglass High School.  Immediately following Sunday's middle school event, someone brought me a lost and found item at the announcer's booth.  It was a bunny purse full of monkeys.  LOOK!


After no one stepped forward to collect the purse, I decided to take a peek inside to see if anything in there would give me an idea who the owner is.  Well, not so much and here's why.  The bunny purse contained two monkeys and a unicorn!! #Fingerlings


I have a hunch there's a young girl who's really missing her bunny purse.  There were over thirty middle school dance teams from across the Commonwealth at the event yesterday.  So, really, this could belong to a fan of any one of them.

Let's help the bunny purse (and all of its monkeys) find its way home to its owner.  If you know to whom this purse belongs, please contact me by emailing chad@wbkr.com!  Or you can message me through the WBKR Facebook page.  Let's make this happen so this 47-year-old man can quit carting a bunny purse around the state.  Please and thank you!

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