Over the weekend, I emceed the KDCO State Dance Championship in Frankfort.  During a little bit of down time, the song "Never Enough" from the movie The Greatest Showman started playing.  So, my friend Emma Stovall and I started dramatically lip-syncing the song.  As the music was building, my performance was building.  And I finally took my interpretation to the middle of the competition floor and then into the stands and the rafters at Kentucky State University.  Enjoy the footage, courtesy of my friend Debbie Connor!


And a big thanks to Dan Hedgespeth Photography.  Dan happened to walk by right as I struck a dramatic pose and he captured the moment brilliantly.  LOL!  Each time I emcee, I let parents and fans know that Dan and his crew will capture amazing action shots from the competition floor.  Sunday, I happened to be the subject of an epic one!

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