I have been wanting another one for a long time.  And Wednesday, I had a remote at Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing in Owensboro.  You know what they say, right?  "When in Rome!"  So, I plopped down on the table, threw out my left arm and let Melissa work her magic.  WATCH!!  We let the cameras roll and filmed some of the highlights!

I am not going to lie.  I always thought that getting a tattoo on my inner forearm would hurt.  There's not a whole lot of "meat" there and the skin is pretty tender.  So, let's see how things were going after about 10 minutes into the tat . . .

LOL!  I didn't realize how red my arm was.  It looks like I was stung by a really artsy nest of hornets.  But I braved the waters . . . until we were just about finished!

Melissa was GREAT!  And Erin drew up the design just like I wanted it.  Thanks, Lady Luck Tattoo.  I had a blast hanging out with ya'll and I love . . . LOVE . . . my new tattoo.  Check THIS out!


What do you think??


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