The folks at Lady Luck Tattoo and Body Piercing here in Owensboro fully admit that 2020 has been a "dumpster fire."  So, owner Melissa Smith and her staff have decided to do something about it.  This holiday season they are determined to make spirits "merry and bright" and they're hoping to accomplish that with a 12 Days of Kindness Christmas campaign.  Here's how it works.

Starting Thursday, December 10th, Lady Luck is assigning a brand new "kindness' challenge for each day.  The more you participate and share your acts kindness on social media, the more chances you have to earn some kindness in return.  Lady Luck is going to pay it forward with a $500 gift card.

And here's a sneak preview of the 12 Days of Kindness challenges:

Day #1- Take snacks to your coworkers (or leave them in the break room).  Or, gift someone lunch with a surprise Door Dash from a locally-owned restaurant!

Day #2- Drop off diapers, diaper wipes, canned goods to the Help Office or a church food bank.

Day #3- Send Christmas cards to local nursing homes.

Day #4- Adopt a name from the Twin Rivers Nursing Home "Angel Tree"

Day #5- Leave positive messages or Post-Its for random people.

Day #6- Make a stocking stuffer donation to the St. Joseph Peace Mission for Children.

Day #7- Leave a Target/Walmart/Kroger gift card in a shopping cart for the next shopper!

Day #8- Leave lottery tickets on random windshields.

Day #9- Pay for the person behind behind you in line at a local drive-thru

Day #10- Sincerely compliment people/their selfies on social media.

Day #11- Make Christmas goodie bags for your mailman, UPS/Fed Ex delivery folks, and/or your sanitation workers.

Day #12- Make a pet food donation (or pet supply or monetary donation) to the Owensboro Humane Society.

And, remember the Pro Tip above!  You have until December 23rd to accomplish each challenge and each completed challenge earns you one entry for the $500 gift card grand prize.  The drawing will be held Christmas Eve.

Good luck!

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