Last Saturday night, Jaclyn and I headlined the Lanham Brothers Jamboree at Diamond Lake's Good Time Theatre.  We sang, we played TV Theme Song trivia, did a little comedy and, yes, we, for the first time on stage anywhere, square danced.  And, now, the first photo documentation has emerged.  Thanks to Livingstone Photography who snapped this pic while I was truly in the middle of 'swingin' my partner round and round.  She was doing that dance in heels, by the way, because she's insane and her ankles have a death wish!  I also want to point out that I look slightly pregnant in the photo and Jaclyn is wearing the same expression as an inflatable doll.  All that said, we had an absolute blast showing off our mad skills!  We are ready for a barn dance.  So, if you're having one . . . holler!  We are there!   And, yes, we're wearing those same outfits.