Last Friday, when I was broadcasting live at Trunnell's Farm Market, it was about 48 degrees outside and it was raining . . . miserably!  So, I decided to liven things up a little bit.  One of the attractions at Trunnell's Family Fun Acre is a giant, hillside slide!  And, to me, in the rain, it looked like a giant Slip 'N' Slide!  Yep!  I let er rip!  And we have the video to prove it.  WATCH!!  I am idiot.

That was an absolute ball.  But, I was covered in hay, mud and water and had to drive from Trunnell's to my house to change.  THAT part wasn't any fun!  There were several body parts I couldn't feel for about half an hour.  LOL!!

FYI, the Family Fun Acre at Trunnell's will be open through Sunday, November 4th!  The kids are going to love the corn maze, the rope maze, the hayrides, slide, gem mining, animal farm and more!

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