Family Fun Acre

The Jumping Pillow [Video]
Yet another reason to go to Trunnell's Farm Market, home to the Family Fun Acre and Giant Corn Maze.  The brand new addition this year is the Jumbo Jumper.  It's a giant "jumping pillow" and it's a total blast!  Think trampoline meets pillow!  Che…
Corn Maze Preview [Photos]
Its back!  Fall means it's time to head to Trunnell's Farm Market for the Family Fun Acre and the Corn Maze!  Here at, we have a sneak peek at this year's maze and what it looks like from the sky.  LOOK!
chad finds giant slip n slide!
Last Friday, when I was broadcasting live at Trunnell's Farm Market, it was about 48 degrees outside and it was raining . . . miserably!  So, I decided to liven things up a little bit.  One of the attractions at Trunnell's Family Fun Acre is a giant, hillside slide!  And, to me, in the rain, it look…

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