Angel Here.  I began dancing when I was three years old so naturally I wanted Charlotte to do the same.  For Christmas, we got her dance lessons to Joy Johnson's Dance and last week was her first time. 


Parents aren't allowed to go inside the class and watch.  This helps the dancers focus and learn without distractions.  All the moms sat outside talked and listened for their child's name.  Can you guess whose child's name was called out the most during class?  Yep I am so proud!


How precious are these girls in their little tights and leotards!


At this point in class she was ready to go.  The class is at 5:30 right in the middle of her dinner and bedtime prep.  Notice she is the only one standing LOL!


We even made her a dance bag with her initials to carry all her dance stuff in.  She thought she was big stuff.


Charlotte loved dance class and cannot wait to go back tonight.  Hopefully she won't try to lead the class.

I cannot wait to see all she is going to learn and grow during her time with Johnson's.

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