Can you believe it?!  Our sweet, rowdy, tell you where to go very fast princess is turning what she calls "A WHOLE HAND!" Today.  When I started with WBKR she was only 8 months old.

Let's back up even further to before she was even born.  In fact, lets go back several years to right after I got divorced.  I know weird to be talking about my divorce on Charlotte's birthday but walk the road with me if you will.

Having my family break apart was by far one of the worst losses in the world next to my daughter Kathern and my momma passing away.  If you have even been around or listened to me talk you know I am a woman of faith.  I love the Lord with all my heart and soul.  Back then I didn't have the faith I do now and those days are where I began to grown.

Alone for the first time in years I began to plant my face into the bible and one of the verses I hid in my heart was from Joel 2:25 " And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you."  I know weird, abrasive, and yet exactly the promise I needed to hold on to.  God promised me he would restore my life and my family.  I had one idea he had another as he often does.  His plans are so much greater than we could ever imagine.

Fast forward from 2009 to 2014 and I meet the most wonderful man in the world Joe Welsh.  We fall in love and wed five months later.  We had discussed multiple times the kid conversation.  Joe had no children and said he was content with just having my boys.  We had come to the conclusion we would allow God to decide if we were going to have anymore children.

Four months later he laid his plans before us with a positive pregnancy test and me sicker than crap.  After a visit to Dr. Smith and a healthy check up, we rushed to quietly tell Joe's mom a.k.a Grammy.

Everyone secretly hope we would have a girl because on both sides between my boys and his sister Lacie there are no girls just six crazy boys.  I was completely perfect with another boy because hey I was a pro at raising them I had it down.

When the day came for the ultrasound and the nurse revealed we were having a little girl I wished I would have taken a snap shot of Joe's reaction.  Pure joy!  He shouted and cried and was elated to know our family was finally getting a little baby girl.

Miss Charlotte Elizabeth Welsh attempted to make her entrance early but waited until November 10, 2015, on a very cold day.  Our world changed that day and we are forever grateful.

Her brothers fell in love with her from the minute they laid eyes on her and Tucker wanted to kiss her face all the time.

She has made her presence known from day one.  She commands a room and doesn't take any flack from anyone.  She has more confidence than you could ever imagine and despite what her Uncle Chad says she has the kindest heart around.

From pageants to puppies to pizza and princesses she is a little girl all her own and we love her more than we ever imagined we could love.

So you see God followed through with his promise given to me all those years ago.  No he did not restore my first marriage instead he provided more than I could have dreamed possible in my husband Joe.  He did not bring back my Kathern or even replace her but he placed into my arms on loan from Heaven the most incredible little girl you will ever meet.  She is proof of his great love for me.


My only wish would be that she could have met my momma her Gigi but I have a feeling before she came from Heaven, momma kissed her sweet cheeks and sent her on her way.

As always thank you for letting me share my family with each of you!  Our little girl is growing up fast.


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