Cute Little Photo Bomber
This past weekend was the International Bar-B-Q Festival. WBKR hosted the Grand Finale of the Hot Potatoes game and captured a HILARIOUS photo-->
Charlotte Starts Dance Class
Angel Here. I began dancing when I was three years old so naturally I wanted Charlotte to do the same. For Christmas, we got her dance lessons to Joy Johnson's Dance and last week was her first time.
Ride A Little Horsey
Angel here! While I was on vacation Charlotte and I went on lots of adventures. One day we went to Meijer and Charlotte was having a meltdown until employee Debbie saved the day!
Charlotte Meets Santa
Most kids get to take their picture with Santa during the Christmas season but how many actually receive a personal visit from him. Well, of course, Charlotte did!
A Very Special Visit
Many of you know I lost my daughter, Kathern, thirteen long years ago to SIDS.   This weekend Charlotte got to pay a visit to her sister's grave site.  It was completely beautiful.
A Trip To The ER
Last night just before bed Charlotte had a nasty fall right into the corner of the door frame in our bedroom.  She split her little head wide open and we had to rush her to the ER.
The Florida Panhandler [Video]
Well, this gives a whole new meaning to "Florida panhandle."  Charlotte was no fan of the beach or walking on the sand until she saw a fellow beach-goer pop open a can of Pringles!  Then, the child jumped off her beach chair, dashed across the Panama City Beach sand like …

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