Angel Here.  As a mom of boys I expected I would see lots of bumps, breaks, and bruises.  Charlotte is proving to be the rough and tough one of the bunch and now she has the cast to prove it!

Thursday afternoon I got a call from the sitter telling me that Charlotte had walked in front of another kid on the swing set and had gotten knocked down and fell on her elbow.  I went to pick her up and she was an emotional mess (who's surprised!).  After looking it over and having her move it I though maybe she had just bruised it.  The next morning she was still holding her arm and not wanting to be touched.


Angel Welsh

A visit to Convenient Care on Mayfair and OSMO and we discovered she could have fractured it but they were not sure so they put a cast on it.  She picked purple (pullple) as she says!  Since they set her cast she has discovered she can use it as a weapon, do flips with it on, and climb things.

To be completely honest she is going harder than before.  She even told us she never wanted to take it off!

In the past 6 months she has had stitches over her eye and a cast on her arm.  She is definitely the warrior of my tribe.  I guess it will be bows and bruises, crowns and casts for this little princess!

Angel Welsh