I do and I don't care who knows it.  Look, anyone who knows me knows that I love a good bargain.  Some people (a.k.a. Kevin and my mother) would even go as far as to label me "cheap."  Truth be told.  I am excruciatingly cheap when it comes to certain things.

Now, make no mistake, I will throw down thousands of dollars and not think twice for a really good vacation.  In fact, I did it last Thursday night on a whim.  (Mexico, I'm coming for you again!)  I will also pay insane amounts of money for concert tickets if I think the artist if worth the cash.   Prime example, the $900 I paid to see Madonna.  Now, I realize that's expensive, but we had floor seats right by the stage.  For some perspective, I had better seats than Reba.  It was $900 well spent.  Visually speaking, it's one of the coolest concerts I have ever been to.

But one thing I will NOT spend a lot of money on is something "disposable"- i.e. razors or fabric softener sheets.  Seriously, I buy those big old yellow Bic Disposable Razors but I will use them until the blades rust.  You're supposed to use them once.  I will use them until it looks like piranha have attacked my face.  Only then, will I actuallt dispose of the razor and pull a new one out of the pack.

And I will use a dryer sheet until I have tumbled every ounce of fragrance out of it.


This is my latest box.  Notice!  I actually splurged for a name brand.  However, I must tell you that I bought an economy-size box with 160 sheets from either Sam's Club or Ollie's (I don't remember).  Not only was the box discounted (the only reason I purchased the normally over-priced name brand), I quickly calculated the mileage I could get out it.

With 160 sheets in the box, I can do laundry and tumble dry my clothes for about the next year and a half.  And, as the box indicates, my clothes are going to smell "outdoor fresh."  The first load I dry with the sheet actually does.  The clothes come out of the dryer smelling and feeling like they've been line dried.  The second load I dry with sheet has signatures of the outdoor smell as well.  The third load smells like maybe I took a t-shirt and waved it out the back door for a second, but there's still a faint fragrant hint.  After about the third load, I will actually throw the fabric sheet away.  It finally gets "Bounced" to the trash!

Yes, I am cheap.  But I guarantee you I am not the only one.  So, come on!  It's Cheap Confessions Time.  Do YOU reuse your dryer sheets?

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