If you're in Owensboro and have a knack for toys, be sure to check out "The Toyminators"'s booth inside the Consumer's Mall on Highway 60; you might just find what you've been missing.



Rick Phelps, AKA “The Toyminator”, is a retired Apollo High School art teacher who buys and sells toys on the side. While it may just be a side gig, the range of his collection is remarkable and you’re sure to find something for everyone.



As soon as you walk through the doors, a giant sign surrounded by larger than life figurines of all of your favorite childhood characters lets you know that you’re in the right place.

If toys are not your forte, you can always stop by and awe at the homemade sculptures that surround the booth. Phelps has created an amazing display for his toy collection, including huge homemade sculptures of characters like The Hulk, E.T, Scooby Doo, and many more.


From collectable pieces you can’t find anywhere else to modern items at a discounted price, “The Toyminator” is your one-stop shop for all things toy related. His collection is constantly growing and there’s always a cool art piece to gawk at, making it perfect for any age.

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