Even though I knew that Chris Young was releasing the video for his new single today, I didn't know that it would touch me so much. Grab a tissue and press play.

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

You know my love for Chris Young is real and after this sentimental video, it is even more. I cried all the way through it and then when I saw his face at the end, holding a picture of Adam. Well, it was all over. Hand me a tissue please.

His new song "Drowning" was written in memory of his friend, and for all of us that have lost somebody special in our life. As soon as I heard it for the first time, it brought me to tears remembering my Mom and Dad who passed away at 67. They died from cancer within eight months of each other and I miss them every single day. Life isn't the same without them and truly the grief does come in waves. In those darkest moments of sadness, you really do feel like you're drowning. What a well written song and performed by one of the best in the business. Prepare yourself and press play when you're ready.

He was too emotional to finish the song live at the Grand Ole Opry back in June. Pure and raw emotion. I wanted to grab him and give him a hug in that moment.

This is the last picture of the three of us together. Miss you Mom and Dad so very much. I hope that I'm making you proud down here. Can't wait to see you again.

Barb Birgy