Who's ready for fall and the holiday season? Not yet, you say? Well, to be honest, I don't start longing for the cooler temps the end of the year brings us until the end of July or the beginning of August. And our June, so far, has been anything but unpleasant.

But I'm not mistaken when I say there are throngs of people out there who love Christmas so much, they have ZERO issues with, say, holiday decor already popping up on store shelves and lining aisles. I know some who leave the Christmas tree up all year long.

THESE are the people who it wouldn't be difficult to convince to secure tickets to holiday-themed attractions right now. You don't want to wait until that first chilly wind blows and then you're left out in the cold.

The Tennessee Central Railway Museum -- North Pole Express

The Tennessee Central Railway Museum in Nashville is already suggesting folks secure their place on the North Pole Express before it's too late. I mean, you wouldn't want to disappoint Santa, would you? Here's the schedule.

Of course, you may want to visit PRIOR to the holiday season; the museum's Fall Foliage tour always gets high marks from tourists.

But let's back to Christmas and head down to southern Tennessee.

Tennessee Valley Railroad -- North Pole Limited

You had to know there would be a Christmas train ride in Chattanooga. After all, it's FAMOUS for its "Choo-Choo." It's also home to Tennessee Valley Railroad which will run the North Pole Limited this year from November 18th through December 23rd.

Back in Kentucky, there are multiple opportunities for holiday rail excursions. In fact, you may be planning a SERIES of such excursions as we speak, based on all these suggestions.

Big South Fork Scenic Railway -- Polar Express

All aboard for the Big South Fork Scenic Railway's Polar Express which will be making its initial 2023 departure from Stearns KY on November 17th.

French Lick Scenic Railway -- Polar Express

Venture across the Ohio River and head toward French Lick IN where those big, beautiful hotels and the charming downtown area always feel like Christmas. And when it IS Christmas, look out. The Polar Express is one of French Lick's most popular attractions, even if it is seasonal. The French Lick Scenic Railway's Polar Express opens for the season on November 4th and will run through December 23rd.

So put down that Christmas shopping list, and hold off getting that box of ornaments out of the attic. But only do that so you can book your holiday excursions in Kentucky, Tennessee, and/or Indiana.

Yes, it's only June, but HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

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