I have driven many miles specifically to eat at a certain restaurant. Well, I top out at two hours. If it's farther than that, I'd have to have other reasons.

So I suppose Cincinnati would qualify.

But we're heading into spring and summer, the weather is getting warmer, the vaccines are everywhere, and we all just want to GO somewhere. ANYWHERE.

That's already my mindset on the regular.

There is plenty to do in northern Kentucky, up around Covington in the Cincinnati metro. So if you find yourself heading to the Creation Museum or, say, the Newport Aquarium, or perhaps a Reds game, the Dunlap Cafe sounds like fun.

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And, honestly, after checking out the menu, I would make a POINT of visiting the Dunlap Cafe if I was within shouting distance.

Of course you can go in and sit down. Dunlap has pretty taste-tempting breakfast and burger menus, but it's the adult happy meals that have me fascinated.

These are boxed meals you can order to go and they contain candy and alcohol. Seriously.

You can choose from the Working Class Box (no alcohol in this one...sorry), the Super Basic Box or merely the Basic Box (both come with your choice of beers or lagers), the Soccer Mom Seltzer Box (hard seltzers are the options with a shot of vodka at an additional fee), the Basic Craft Box and the Extra Crafty Box (lots of craft and IPA choices), and the Pouch of Fun (cocktail anyone?).

I think this is hilarious and ingenious.

So the next time you're in the Cincinnati area, maybe you think about a place with a clever sense of humor and an even cleverer sense of marketing.

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[SOURCE: WLWT-Cincinnati]

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