A new policy about age restrictions is now in effect for downtown Owensboro.  And the new restrictions affect events like Friday After 5 and activities around the Owensboro Convention Center.  The new restrictions went into effect on Friday, June 22nd.  Here's a look at the details of the new measure and who will be affected by the implementation of the new rules.

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

What areas does the new policy affect?

The policy affects the back area of the Owensboro Convention Center and the RiverPark Center patio.  The parks is still open until 10pm for anyone under the age of 21.

Can teenagers attend Friday After 5 at the RiverPark Center or the Owensboro Convention Center?

Minors under the age of 18-years-old can attend FA5, but must attend with a responsible adult.

What defines a "responsible adult"?

"Responsible adult" is defined as someone over the age of 21 that is acting responsibly.

What happens when a teen (who entered the event with a responsible adult) is causing issues or being disruptive?

If the teen is removed from the premises, the adult will be asked to leave as well.

Can a "responsible adult" accompany multiple people under 18?

Yes, within reason.  Obviously, an adult over 21 cannot bring in 22 youths and think they are still "accompanying" them.  And, remember, the adult could be forced to leave the event if their accompanied minors are causing disruption.

Does this policy affect just Friday After 5 or does it include future special events downtown?

The policy serves the Owensboro Convention Center and areas outside the RiverPark Center in downtown Owensboro.  The policy procedures are based on the time/day/nature of the event.  For example, if the American Cancer Society hosts a fundraising event on the Legendary Pier from 5pm to 8pm, then the unaccompanied rule would likely need not be enforced.  However, if that event lasted through midnight (and involved alcohol, live music, etc), then the policy would be enforced.

If I have any questions about the new policy, who can I consult for clarification?

Theresa Thomas, Executive Director for Friday After 5.

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