While COVID-19 may have prevented the City of Owensboro from hosting its annual All-American Fourth of July event downtown on the riverfront, city officials have come up with an awesome way to celebrate Independence Day.  On Friday, July 3rd, the City of Owensboro is bringing the fireworks from downtown to a neighborhood near you.

In compliance with state guidelines put in place by Governor Andy Beshear, the City of Owensboro will be launching fireworks from multiple locations, simultaneously, at 9:15pm CST on the 3rd.  The idea is to give everyone in the city limits access to a fireworks show.

Here's where the fireworks will launch from:

Jack C. Fisher Park

Centre Court

Owensboro Sportscenter/Moreland Park

Southern Little League

former Owensboro Health hospital

the former GE plant

the Ohio River in downtown Owensboro

Plus, the Owensboro Country Club will also synchronize its display to coincide with the other shows.

Tim Ross, the Director of Public Events for the City of Owensboro, says, "It’s a unique situation, but we still wanted the community to be able to celebrate the holiday together, while avoiding massive crowds. You can stay at home and enjoy a barbecue picnic with your family and friends, or drive to a parking lot near one of the launch locations and still enjoy a great fireworks show."


The City of Owensboro wants to stress the importance of social distancing and staying COVID-19 safe during the 4th of July holiday season.  If you do decide to view one of the fireworks shows from a parking lot or area near a launch location, you are asked and encouraged to maintain a minimum of 6-feet social distancing from other families.

And here's some more exciting news that we at WBKR are pumped about. We're excited to announce that we will be involved as well.  The fireworks shows will, of course, have a patriotic soundtrack and you will be able to listen to that soundtrack live here on 92.5 WBKR.  The shows are fully choreographed to that music!

So, get ready to have a safe and amazing "Healthy at Home" Fireworks show from the City of Owensboro!  We're going to let freedom ring all over the city on Friday, July 3rd.

**For the safety of the public and the pyrotechnic professionals, the secure fireworks launch sites will not be open to the public. People attempting to watch from the launch sites will cause the fireworks at that location to be halted.**

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