After years of wondering when or if an iconic old hotel will be demolished, Owensboroans now have their answer.

Gabe's Tower, an Owensboro landmark since 1963, is nearing its last days.

Eyewitness News/WEHT reports that the City of Owensboro will purchase the once-proud luxury hotel--of late, however, in virtual ruins--and tear it down.

There are many memories attached to the old building for many of our citizens--myself included--but it's been an eyesore for far too long with no end to that status in sight.

Until now.

Ideas for its use have been suggested over the years--good ones--but none of them have ever come close to fruition.

And now, owner Bob Zimmerman has sold Gabe's Tower for $360,000. And, within 30 days, the city will take ownership with a goal of demolishing it.

Will it be poignant to see it go? Of course.

It's been an integral part of the Owensboro skyline--and for many years, it WAS the skyline--for more than five decades.

But no one's really been able to figure out to do with it--not really--for more than a decade.

At present, plans for the property on which Gabe's Tower sits have not been determined.


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