As a true Kentucky gal through and through, I am a bourbon lover. How does that saying go? If it ain't Kentucky, it ain't bourbon? That's because all of the stars aligned to make Kentucky the best place to make the best bourbon. From the limestone water to the corn and wheat grown here, to the generations of master distillers, it's the perfect combination.

Of course, some bourbons I obviously enjoy more than others and Maker's Mark happens to be my favorite. They were one of the world's first premium bourbons, if not THE first, and have continued the tradition of excellence through generations of the Samuels family.

Visit Lebanon KY Facebook
Visit Lebanon KY Facebook

Located in the heart of Kentucky on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the Maker's Marker distillery is just miles from Lebanon where a mural has been painted on their water tower to celebrate the rich bourbon heritage in the area.  Artist Eric Henn who created the mural said, "I've painted many large murals in Kentucky, but this one, standing at 135 feet, now holds the world record as the largest Bourbon Pour sculpture." How clever to make it look like the bottle is pouring a nice glass.

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That's awesome in itself, but the tower has also been entered into a competition for Best Water Tank of the Year"  in the United States and Canada. And doing pretty well at that! Holding strong in second place with the Dum Dum Tower in Ohio right ahead of it.

If you would like to show support and cast a vote click here! Voting runs through this Friday, October 13th and then the winner will be announced.

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