If people will fly thousands of miles to let Judge Judy try their small-claims civil case, we can't be surprised if there are those who will drive a few hours to let a bear officiate their wedding.

I mean, how "Las Vegas" does that sound? I can see it now. In amongst all the Elvis chapels on or near the Strip, you have one with a bear standing at the altar. Except this didn't happen in Vegas. This happened at a souvenir mall in Lexington KY. And it happened because...well...why not? Over the last several months, Kentucky seems to have found its most famous bear in "Cocaine Bear." And he is apparently open for business.

'Cocaine Bear' -- Arguably Kentucky's Most Famous Bear

The MOVIE Cocaine Bear--sure to be a cult classic in record time--is a broad horror comedy based on the actual true story of a bear in Kentucky that ingested a LOT of cocaine after it fell out of an airplane and died. No, that's not a funny scenario at all--we all realize that--but the entire "Cocaine Bear" phenomenon has taken a hold of the Commonwealth, regardless. It's kind of hard to avoid.

The Kentucky Souvenir Mall Where 'Cocaine Bear' Is a Featured Attraction

The bear was taxidermized and is now, arguably, the star exhibit at Kentucky for Kentucky, the Lexington souvenir mall I mentioned. And, as you'll see, Cocaine Bear spends a great deal of time with a lot of other unusual exhibits.

'Cocaine Bear' as a Wedding 'Officiant'

"Pablo Eskobear" has been a draw at Kentucky for Kentucky since it was acquired in 2015. With its popularity fueled by the release of the movie, it would follow that if it was announced that Pablo was going to "perform" wedding ceremonies, folks would flock to the store from miles around. And that's exactly what the Elizondos of Pikeville did.

I was hoping the seed of thought for this undertaking would've been the utterance of the phrase "bear witness." And it WAS used in the ceremony. But no, folks were just asking about it and then it happened.

Congratulations to the happy couples. And may your lives together be far more than just "bearable."


[SOURCE: WLKY-Louisville]

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