Some people make New Year's resolutions.  Others make them and do everything in their power to achieve them.  On paper, Colt Graves' goal for 2022 is simple.  Getting there won't be, but he's spent the last few years developing the tools and the chops to do it.

The Calhoun, Kentucky singer-songwriter is gearing up for the release of a brand new single.  The song, "Lonesome Roads", is a multi genre-infused anthem that was inspired by a recent camping trip to Wranglers Campground at Land Between the Lakes.  Colt took his two boys and his girlfriend to ride the trails.  Mother Nature didn't fully cooperate with their plans.  In fact, on their second day there, it rained most of the day.  In Colt's words, "It was just cloudy and muddy and kind of put a little bit of a damper on our trip."

So, Colt did what songwriters do. He pulled out his guitar and started pulling inspiration from the clouds. He came up with a "cool" riff, then wrote the chorus: Lonesome roads are all I know. There ain't no sunshine or blue skies around me.

Colt admits he knew he was onto something.  When he got back, he called his good friend and writing buddy Adam Scott.  Together, they finished the song and Colt sent a rough copy to Jake Parshall.  Jake's a good friend of Colt's and works as a producer in Nashville. Jake knew the song was something special too.  So, he got Colt in the studio, recorded it and the two started making plans for the official release.

Just this week, Colt's friends and social media followers were treated to a sneak preview of the song.  Take a listen!

The full version of "Lonesome Roads" will release to all digital and streaming platforms on May 11th.

I asked Colt to share his ambitions.  He's been recording and releasing new music for the last couple of years, most recently with the duo Kenesee. But now, he's solo.  I asked him what his aspirations are and what he hopes to accomplish with the new music.  His short answer? "I'm not going to give up until I accomplish what I set out to do."

That most definitely sounds like a resolution that's going to become reality. Colt says, "I believe that the music I am creating will speak for itself.  I have poured myself entirely into this project and am working as hard as possible to accomplish the tasks ahead of me to get where I want to be."

Those dreams are big and Colt acknowledges that success like that takes a village.  He understands the power and reach of social media and the importance of gaining the support of the people around him- not just in Calhoun, where he recently moved, but from here to Nashville and beyond.

And that's where you come in.  If you liked what you heard in the sneak preview of "Lonesome Roads," you can follow Colt on all social media outlets.  Simply search @calhouncowboy.  By the way, Calhoun Cowboy will be the name of his first solo EP.

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