Friday afternoon, I was doing a remote at the Don Moore Automotive on Frederica Street and spent a lot of time with Colt Graves, who is the Sales Manager for the Nissan portion of the dealership.  When I met him, I had no idea that Colt is also a musician.  Well, I know now.  After talking to him, I now know that music runs deep in his blood.  His father and grandfather are both skilled musicians.  Colt gets it honest.  It's a passion and, honestly, a way of life.  He may be selling cars by day, but at night he's cruising the 'Backroads" with his buddy, Jay Jones.  Just a few months ago, these friends merged to form Kenessee, a new country music duo from right here in Owensboro.

It may not be your typical story of how a country music duo forms, but Colt and Jay Jones actually met and became friends at church.  They quickly discovered they share a mutual passion for songwriting, playing, singing, creating.  That love for music has continued and that friendship has now turned into a fully-formed collaboration.

In May, Kenessee was born and the guys have been hard at work in the studio since. As a matter of fact, they've got something to show for it.  Big time.  In the last month, the duo officially released their first two songs.  Here's "Coast"-->

And here's "Backroads," a Kenessee song featuring their occasional co-writer Adam Scott.

As you can likely hear, Kenessee's influences run the gamut.  There's traditional country, Bro-country, Southern rock, bluegrass and even hip hop.

The guys called into the WBKR morning show today to chat about their new music, their partnership and what's next.

If you'd like to keep up with Kenessee, you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter and access their music on any streaming service.

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