The popular Owensboro duo Kenessee have been busy lately.  While the pandemic may have put the brakes on playing gigs and concerts, it certainly didn't stop Colt Graves and Jay Jones from spending time with their good buddy and writing partner, Adam Scott.  The three recently wrote and recorded a brand new single.  It's called "Found Me."

Take a listen!

Kenessee released the song the first week of April and, so far, the response from fans has been incredibly positive.  I gotta be honest.  I think it's their strongest song to date and I think it's well-written, radio-friendly and the production is on point.  And, even better, according to Colt, people are relating to it.

He says, "When we finished the song, one us started playing a riff on the guitar and that's when the magic happened." As for the inspiration behind the song, Colt adds, "We all have a similar story about where we were in our lives when our significant others found us." It's apparently that inspiration behind the song that fans are really connecting with.  "It appears a lot of people were in similar situations."

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'Found Me" is the third song from Kennessee we have shared here at WBKR.

Last September, the duo officially released their first two songs.  One was called  "Coast."

The second was "Backroads," a Kenessee song featuring Adam Scott, who helped write "Found Me."

As I mentioned when I first wrote about the duo, it's easy to tell that Kenessee's influences run the gamut.  There's traditional country, Bro-country, Southern rock, bluegrass and even hip hop.

For more information about Kenessee and to hear more music, you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter and access their music on any streaming service.


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