More summertime fun is headed our way; just make sure you look up when it gets here.

As we look forward to the Owensboro Air Show this August, we can get a jump start on the excitement in Evansville when the Commemorative Air Force comes to town, bringing with it a wonderful collection of vintage aircraft.

Kevin Hong via Commemorative Air Force

What's more, you'll be able to tour these amazing machines while they are grounded. But these warbirds, which will be on display at Evansville's Wartime Museum on Petersburg Road from July 9th through the 11th, will also be available for a limited number of flights.

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The B-17 Flying Fortress, a classic warbird, was the first one restored specifically for the purpose of educating us about these phenomenal crafts. Also, it has been restored with period-specific equipment, according to a release from the Commemorative Air Force.

Kevin Hong via Commemorative Air Force

The Evansville Wartime Museum will host the three-day event during which visitors will also be able to take in the grandeur of the SNJ/T-6 Texan. It's an advanced trainer that thousands have used to learn how to fly in combat. The twin-engine Navy JRB transport, known as Little Raider, will also be on hand, as well as the Hoosier Spirit II, a P-47 Thunderbolt.

Kevin Hong via Commemorative Air Force

This is very exciting and I can speak from a certain amount of personal experience on the topic.

Back in May, I had the rare privilege of being on board a 1928 Ford Tri-Motor Transcontinental Air Transport that had come to Owensboro to offer flights to the public. I could not believe I was on a 93-year-old airplane and it was exhilarating.

So if you can, you should try to take the ultimate Living History Flight Experience when the Commemorative Air Force brings these vintage aircraft to town.

If you want to fly, you can call 855-FLY-A-B17 (855-359-2217) or you can log onto B17Texas

And charge your phone; you'll take LOTS of photos.

See Inside a 1928 Passenger Airplane AND See Owensboro from Way Up in the Sky

I was fortunate enough to be a passenger aboard a 1928 Ford Tri-Motor 5-AT-B Transcontinental Air Transport. We flew all the way around Owensboro.  It was amazing to get a bird's-eye view of the city from inside such a beautiful old aircraft.