Over the past few weeks, we've all seen that the skies we fly aren't so friendly anymore. Well, this time Delta booted an entire family off a flight to LA, due to overbooking. Brian Schear, and his family, were traveling home from Chicago, and were asked to leave the plane, after refusing to give up a seat occupied by their infant son. Upon refusing to give up the seat, the Shear family was asked to get off the flight, and told that FFA regulations state that children two or under must sit on their parent's lap. Brian Schear refused to give up the seat saying, "I paid for the seat it's mine." Schear was then told he and his wife could be arrested, and their children taken from them. Eventually, the family was removed and booked on a flight the next day.

It took  several days for Delta to reach out to the family, offering to reimburse the family for their tickets, along with other compensation. With the United situation two weeks ago, and now this incident, when it comes to the airlines, the customer might not always be right! Video of the confrontation can be seen at http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Huntington-Beach-family-booted-Delta-flight-421258184.html.


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