Wanna help make Corvettes? Now there's a question you don't hear everyday, but, by golly, you could.

General Motors is rolling out the brand new Corvette for 2020 on July 18th.

Ahead of the big day for the iconic 66-year-old brand, GM is boosting its workforce at the Bowling Green Corvette Plant by adding 400 new jobs, according to a report from WPSD in Paducah.

GM is calling it a "new generation" Corvette, with an engine that will be repositioned from under the hood to between the passenger compartment and rear wheels.

There have been more than one million Corvettes roll off the assembly line since the plant opened 38 years ago.

WPSD also says that the final Corvette from the current generation will be auctioned off for charity, and that figures to bring a very pretty penny.


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