Do you remember when you could only find Cracker Barrel restaurants along interstate highways? Do you remember when you could only find them in the southern United States?

Well I do. And when my sister and I were kids, one of the things we anticipated most was eating at Cracker Barrel. We didn't have one here; we weren't on an interstate. And, in my mind, anything you could ONLY do on vacation MADE the vacation even more special.


The popular chain has been in our consciousness for more than 50 years, and that menu remains a drawing card for fans.

But lately--VERY recently, in fact--an addition to the Cracker Barrel menu has led to what I call bizarre accusations...especially considering the fact that NOTHING was removed to make room for it.

Welcome aboard, plant-based sausage.


For my part, I have ZERO issue with this addition. I can't eat red meat and I LOVE sausage. We have some Impossible sausage in the freezer right now, and it is delicious. The texture and the flavor are the same, as far as I'm concerned.


And while that news outlet highlighted negative comments about Impossible sausage on the Cracker Barrel menu, I've seen quite a few that are in favor of the move, like Katie Daufenback-Lovell, for instance. She's a meat eater, but applauds the addition:

I’m a big meat eater but impossible burgers and sausage are sooooo good!! I couldn’t even tell the difference. I think it’s great for people who can’t eat meat for whatever reason!!

And then there's Belinda-Marie Purkey who takes the pragmatic approach:

For those who want plant based meat...welcome to Cracker Barrel. For those who prefer the traditional meat choices...welcome to Cracker Barrel. It's really that simple. If you really need something to complain about, CB puts a Popsicle in a glass of bubbly and calls it a Mimosa. Now that's atrocious!

As for Kit Lynette Malone, she's enjoying every bit of this drummed-up controversy:

I'm just here to thank everyone here for giving me a far better time reading the comment section of the Cracker Barrel Facebook page than I could have ever predicted or imagined.


I like plant-based meat, except for hotdogs. Those have yet to be perfected, even by the more high-end brands (what a waste of my money). But I can honestly tell you I ate a patty melt in Louisville that had no meat in it, and I would defy anyone to tell the difference if they didn't know. It was THAT good.

Frankly, the complaints befuddle me. Nothing was REMOVED to make room for Impossible sausage. All the old favorites are still there.

Bottom line...Cracker Barrel, in my opinion, has only EXPANDED its audience with Impossible sausage. Isn't that what businesses are SUPPOSED to do?


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