Dad's of the world UNITE.  Have you been a victim of the hour after hour parking lot sitting while your wife "makes a quick trip" into Target?  A group of dads has the solution to all your helpless cries.  The Husbands of Target Parking Lot Group.  #HILARIOUSVIDEO

Angel here and my poor patient husband can relate to this.  He sits for long periods of time in parking lots while I shop.  To be honest, he says he loves the time to just kick back and relax (or maybe he just says that to be sweet).

He is actually the one who tagged me in this video.  Was he trying to tell me something?  I think he should totally start a group here in the Tristate.

Do your husband endure this for the love of you?  We need stories.  Tell us at the WBKR Facebook page.


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