I never had any idea that anyone outside my family made corn pudding or even knew what it was. I've talked to quite a few people who've either eaten it or have at least heard of it.

See, I always thought it was just one of Mom's so-called "poor foods" from her childhood. After my grandparents got divorced when she was a girl, my grandmother would whip up something really good by maximizing what little she had in the cupboard. Egg sauce and "Mother's Goulash" were big favorites of my mother's and of mine and my sister's when WE were kids.

And we LOVED corn pudding. That was one of my grandmother's "poor foods" but apparently not something unique to her.

Anyway, the recipe my mom has always used is older than me, and I've never sat down at a Thanksgiving dinner table where it wasn't present...and then soon devoured.

So Mom and I decided to make some: