Every year, Inspiring Teens Magazine nominates young people across the country for its Inspiring Teens Artist of the Year Awards.

This year, one of our own here in Daviess County has been become an official candidate for a nomination.

She is Daviess County High School student Abigail Roby.

When you unlock Abigail's image, you'll help her become an official nominee. She only needs five votes for that accomplishment. But that's not all.

If 25 voters unlock Abigail's bio, she receives a certificate of candidate achievement for her category.

Fifty votes will land Abigail a free pass to INSPIRE on January 26th and an Inspiring Teens t-shirt.

If Abigail gets 100 votes, she'll become a scholarship contender and get awarded the 500 Club recognition on the Inspiring Teens website and at the awards show.

And then there's the big one. If Abigail receives 200 votes, she'll be recognized with Icon Status and will get crowned at the awards show.

It's five dollars to vote and all the proceeds go to Shriner's Hospital.

There's substantial scholarship money on the line and we wish Abigail Roby TONS OF GOOD LUCK!

Voting closes Monday, December 31st.

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