If you drive by Ryan Tindall's house here in Daviess County, you may think, at a glance, that his family has two mailboxes.  But, when you look closer, you'll realize the second "box" isn't a mailbox at all.  It's a miniature library, stocked full of books, and you're invited to check it out!


Photo courtesy of Ryan Tindall
Photo courtesy of Ryan Tindall

The library was created to honor the memory of Ryan Tindall's cousin, Mark Johnson.  Ryan says, "I created the library to continue the spirit of Mark, who passed away after his second battle with cancer. He was the type of person that was always wanting to do for others, and he grew up in a household of librarians. The idea seemed a natural fit."

And a natural fit it is.  The Tindall's library sits about a quarter mile from Hwy 431 near Southern Oaks Elementary School. According to Ryan, the library is open to everyone: "neighbors, friends, even strangers are welcome to stop by and pick up a book."  And there's a great variety available every day!

If you'd like to visit the Tindall's library, you can.  You'll find books available at 234 Hill Bridge Road in Utica, Kentucky.  Some folks keep the books they take.  Some return them.  Others even bring by books to help restock the shelves.  We are quite certain, that whatever the case may be, that Mark would be proud and honored that you stopped by!

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