As the clean up continues in Daviess County from last weeks storms, here's some guidelines to follow to help with this daunting task.

The Sanitation Department has added more crews to help pick up trees and limbs. They'll be driving up and down all streets in the county until all areas are cleaned up, but they need our help as it could take several days to clear.

This will be a tough job so we all need to do our part to help!

The normal 6-inch diameter limb and log restriction has been lifted which will help with the efforts.

Sanitation Department customers are asked to follow these guidelines:

Don’t block the yard waste piles with cars. (Be sure to keep this area clear so the workers can easily access the debris. Otherwise, they will have to move on and you may have the debris pile for weeks to come)

Don’t mix trash or construction/demolition materials with the piles. (They will be picking up limbs, leaves, logs, etc. Anything else will be left behind or they may bypass altogether.)

All limbs intended for collection must be brought to within six feet of the curb. (Super important so their machines can reach the debris)

No dirt and/or root balls. (Again, just limbs, leaves, logs, etc.)

No contractor yard-waste cuttings will be collected. (Not the time to clean out your garage!)