Monday is going to be educational in terms of the 2017 solar eclipse.  It's also going to be nutritious.  Daviess County Public Schools will be celebrating the total solar eclipse with special "eclipse" lunches.  Check out the menu!

DCPS's special “eclipse lunch” will be served at all elementary schools on Monday, Aug. 21 in order to celebrate the Great American Eclipse!

According to a DCPS news release, "The entrée for the day will be an “Eclipse Sandwich” – an open-faced breaded chicken sandwich with a slice of provolone, with the top of the bun on the side. The round chicken patty will represent the sun and the round slice of cheese will represent the moon."

And, check this out! Side orders will include this guy . . .


That's a “Man in the Moon” smiley fry.  There will also be “Sunkist” oranges, a “Sunset Sip” juice box and, of course, moon pies for dessert.

In addition to having an "eclipse" lunch,  all DCPS schools will participate in watching the eclipse!



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