I've always loved looking at beautiful houses. I love the character of old homes and all of the detail of the woodwork and architecture they offer. There's a house here in town that I call my 'Dream House'.  It's a two-story, painted brick with columns in the front and a gorgeous porch. I've been known to drive past it on my way home from work, just because, ha. While creeping the other day, I noticed that the realty company that it's listed with was having an open house. To say I was excited at the potential of seeing the interior of my Dream House is an understatement.

But, is it proper to go to an open house when you have absolutely no means or intentions to purchase the home? After a quick poll of my Facebook friends, I had made a decision...

I was going to take a look! (After all, it's only about $450,000 over my budget, ha!) How was it, you ask?!?

I loved it. The woodwork was gorgeous and I absolutely loooooved the floors. Being that it was built in 1927, it was full of character. The wainscoting and mantle in the sitting room were just perfect.

Why am I telling y'all about a house that I couldn't afford if I multiplied my salary by four? Because, I think it's important to really look at our goals and dreams. (Warning: Cheesy life lesson ahead, ha.) I know that right now, I'm nowhere near where I want to be in years to come. But, I know what I'm working toward and what I want for my family.

So... 1029 Griffith Ave, it's just not going to work out. It's not you, it's me... really. I feel like we are just at two different places in life and if it's meant to be, we'll find each other one day. Until then, I'll watch from a far, act like a creeper and drive by and check you out from time to time. It was short-lived, but I'd like to think what we had was real. And, sometimes... that's all I need.

(Oh... Big thanks to realtor George Wathen for not only being ok with us being there with no intent to buy, but also showing us around and explaining the history of the home with us.)

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