As a Christian, I fully believe anyone can have a heart change if they allow Jesus to come into their lives and make the difference.  This is the case for one death row inmate in Eddyville State Penitentiary.

Randy Haight, is currently a Death Row Inmate where he has been since the 80s.  He was charged with murder among other charges.  That is not where Randy chose to have his story end.

According to Linda Otahal here is Randy's story:

My brother the late Bill Pruden who was a volunteer chaplain at KSP and met Randy out on the yard in the late 80s.  He befriended him and invited him to the chapel.  Sometime later Randy became a Christian and he has been a part of our family ever since he asked my brother what he could do for the Lord in prison and my brother asked him what he liked to do.  Randy said he liked to write so my brother told him to start writing and he did.  When my brother visited the next week, Randy gave him some things he had written.  Mt brother brought them to me to type and soon I was spending my spare time typing for Randy.  He would make copies at the prison and send them out to people.  It is funny how the Lord works.  Randy signed up for a pen pal and the Lord matched him with a couple in Virginia who owned a publishing company and they started printing his writings for him.  That was the 90s and they still make yearly visits to see him in prison.  He has another Christian pen pal he met who lives in France who works for Amnesty International and last year as the pandemic was just starting, the man had purchased airline tickets for the sole reason of coming to meet Randy in person at KSP.  This is the kind of impression Randy makes on people he comes into contact with.

I say all this to say Randy is a special person.  Yes, he is a murderer but he has been redeemed and today he is the man God meant for him to be.  He is the spiritual leader on death row and is a great Bible scholar.  My husband is a retired minister and they talk about the Bible whenever Randy makes his weekly calls.

To truly understand the depth of the donation I wanted you to first know Randy's story so you could know him.  Randy made the decision to take a portion of his stimulus check and donate it to Friends of Sinners a local non-profit organization here in Owensboro.  They are a Christ-centered organization that rehabilitates individuals from substance abuse through the way of the cross.  Randy did not know Friends of Sinners but once Linda told him about the mission he said he loved the idea and that is where he wanted his money to go.

Inmates who filed income taxes received a stimulus check.

The staff and clients at Friends of Sinners were absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude for the donations and will be praying for Randy.

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