It's going to be a big weekend of fireworks celebrations around the tristate.  Diamond Lake Campground & Resort's annual fireworks show is set for Saturday, July 3rd.  This year, organizers are laying down a pretty bold claim.  They say their show is going to be the biggest show in Owensboro.

I chatted with former owner Brian Smith earlier this week.  Though Brian and Janice have officially sold the property, they are still running some of the campground's most popular events scheduled throughout the season.  Those events include WBKR's Camp Country (which is set for Sept 24th and 25th) and the annual fireworks celebration this weekend.

Brian confirmed that the person in charge of shooting the fireworks maintains the claim that this year's show will be the biggest in Diamond Lake's history.  He also says it will "likely be the biggest in Daviess County."

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I have been to Diamond Lake's show before and it's really cool.  The way the fireworks reflect off the lake is very reminiscent of how the fireworks reflect off the river downtown during the City's All-American 4th of July celebration.

In addition to the absolutely epic fireworks show planned, there are other fun Independence Day-inspired events scheduled throughout the day Saturday at Diamond Lake.  There will be a pie eating contest at 11am.  That will be followed by Chicken Chuck'n at 1pm.  The fireworks are scheduled to light up the sky at 9pm.

Here's a look at the official schedule from Diamond Lake's Facebook page.

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