Always love to hear feedback from our WBKR listeners about what they may or may not like in their household, this time lets talk about television shows.  I'd have to say "Dirty Jobs" with Mike Rowe is a show that I've loved from it's start, Mike does some unbelievable jobs around the world and his humor makes it great! Also like American Pickers on the History Channel, Mike and Frank travel around the world looking for treasures in people's garages, barns wherever? They just recently opened an Antique Archaeology in Nashville, TN. I hope to go down and check it out one of these days. Pawn Stars is also a show I like, people bring in all kinds of artifacts not knowing the value of it, so be sure to look in your attic or garage you may have something very valuable in there!?! Check out the videos for a little sneak preview of each show!