A friend of mine named Joshua Roberts is, maybe, the biggest fan of winter I know, only because most people I know can't STAND winter.

It's not my favorite, but neither is the suffocating heat of the summer. Give me the moderation of spring and, especially, fall anytime over the extremes of winter and summer.

Anyway, I say all that because we have some SERIOUS winter weather coming our way.

At this very moment, THIS is the seven-day forecast from TriStateHomePage.com and Sunday through Tuesday looks like we'll be "enjoying" a taste of the Arctic Circle. Good times.


Yes, that says SEVEN DEGREES for a low on Monday night. Unpleasant, to say the least. But it WOULD be quite beneficial if it were enough to kill the bugs.

See, the last couple of winters have been fairly mild and the insects, during the subsequent summers, seemed ridiculously out of hand, leading some--myself included--to muse, "Well, what we need is a really cold snap to kill the bugs."

Truth be told, while I spout off about that, I've never been sure if super cold weather really does that. So I checked the old reliable Farmer's Almanac and it revealed the somewhat uncomfortable truth.

For starters, different bugs succumb to different temperatures. So it may get cold enough to do some of them in but maybe not the ones we REALLY hate. The almanac also revealed that many insects die if the temperature falls WELL BELOW zero degrees Fahrenheit. Is that the kind of trade-off we want?

And then, of course, the Farmer's Almanac kind of lowers the boom when it says that the ground where these insects "hunker down" is naturally not nearly as cold as the frigid air, so they are able to survive.

Okay, I get it. I'll either deal with frozen or cracked pipes, a car that won't start, and a sloped driveway that becomes a sheet of ice OR I can just stock up on Raid and Off for the summer months and forget about it.

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