Hello, my name is Chad.  And my radio cohost Angel is a clothes hoarder.  There!  I said it.  Her dirty little secret is out in the open.  And, seriously, if someone knows an interventionist, it's time to hit up those digits.  This girl needs a therapist and a dumpster.  PRONTO!  Here's why.


This past Saturday, I sent Angel a message to see if she was packed for our trip to Florida.  We were heading down to Panama City Beach, Florida for the last week of our ESCAPE contest.  Here's the message I received back in response to my question . . .

From Angel: "Nope.  Haven't packed.  I'm cleaning out my closet."

Keep in mind that Angel "cleaned out" her closet back in February and removed so much clothing she could have opened her own consignment store.  But, I discovered, on our drive to the Nashville airport, that she spent another FIVE HOURS cleaning out her closet Saturday and didn't even get the job done!  Look at this!!


Yes.  According to Angel, she went through all of her shoes and decided that she could part with over forty pairs.  I'm sorry.  What?  Did you say "40 pairs?"  My goodness!  I didn't realize the Shoe Carnival rode into town and pitched a tent in your upstairs closet.

And take a look at this.  Clothes Hoarding Exhibit B.


There are so many outfits sitting on the end of that bed, the frame may give way under the weight of them.  And, please keep in mind, that Angel claims to have over 250 dresses in the closet . . . still.  You're just seeing a photo of the sad little pieces that didn't make the cut.  The kids that didn't get picked for the kickball team.  And can we get a slight timeout for that leopard print number???  No wonder it's headed to a yard sale or the trash toter.

Oh wait.  There's more . . .


Looks like Angel decided she could finally part with that tragic pair of jeans and, yes, even more shoes.  And what about those gold heels?  Did Goldie's explode in the 90's and Angel went long for the pass?

But we can't have a serious discussion about Angel's propensity for clothes hoarding without ignoring the other accessorized elephant in the room.  It appears that Angel is hoarding jewelry as well.  Dear Lord!  It looks like she knocked over a Claire's.


Here's the good news about Angel's clothing addiction.  She actually did, without the prompting of professionals, perform her own brand of "intervention."  She did spend the better half of Saturday purging the upstairs closet (which was expanded to the attic due to overpopulation) and promises to have a yard sale over Fall Break.  She's being very proactive and taking several steps of the much needed twelve involved for completion of the program.

However, I have seen this movie before.  Much like when Alicia Silverstone and her friends stormed the mall in Clueless.  Angel will hoard again.  She may have gotten rid of 40 pairs of shoes and some jewelry no self-respecting drag queen would wear.  But, she WILL shop again.  And soon.  And a new chapter of clothes hoarding will begin.

I guess we should just take a moment and be glad she didn't find any cat corpses at the bottom of a heap of dresses.  Yes!  At least she has that going for her.

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