Angel here.  I have three boys and one man in my house and they all love to wear shorts no matter how bitter cold it is outside.  So we did a little research, polled the crowd and asked you all to share your pictures and stories.

I know it seems crazy that anyone would want to step even a toe outside in the winter with temperatures below freezing but low and behold many make it part of their normal everyday wardrobe to throw on a pair of shorts and go about their day.  Chad does.

Angel Welsh

According to an article from; Parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa says some children, boys especially, feel warmer.

“Testosterone definitely keeps them warmer, body hair keeps them warmer." But boys may have other reasons for sporting shorts, she notes. "My son gets a lot of attention when he wears less than usual clothing in cold weather. He gets to express his autonomy.”

Some moms say they just pick their battles.  My Braden tells me he is more comfortable.  I sometimes make him wear pants over his shorts at least until he gets to school.  I figure if he gets cold enough he will put on pants.