A dog born without a nose has been passed up in the shelter because of his unique look.

Sniffles was a stray that wandered into a shelter in Seminole County, Florida, just before the holidays. He's an outgoing pup with a great personality, but he's been overlooked due to his unique appearance.

Sniffles was born without a nose, and because of this his cute little crooked teeth are exposed and he makes a funny snorting noise when he breathes - hence the name Sniffles.

6abc Action News
6abc Action News

Veterinarian workers say Sniffles is a healthy dog, he just looks a little different. He's visiting the dentist before the New Year, so his smile will change just a tad to make his life easier.

Sniffles is looking for a place to call home in 2019. If you're interested in adopting Sniffles, click here.



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