I can get caught up in YouTube wildlife videos like nobody's business. Having been raised on shows like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and their clones, it's a fun way to kill time.

My most recent dive into the "wild" was a video of two porcupines protecting their little ones from a hungry leopard. SPOILER ALERT: That leopard wasn't hungry enough and was eventually forced to run away with quills in its snout.

Obviously, HE never watched Animal Planet. Anyway, it got me to wondering about porcupines' habitat, and, as it turns out, they are not at all uncommon in the United States. That was news to me.

What's more, it wouldn't be impossible to spot one in Kentucky. That's even bigger news.

The North American Porcupine in Kentucky

Having always assumed porcupines were exotic enough NOT to be indigenous to the United States, I was certainly surprised to learn they can, in fact, be found throughout Kentucky, according to World Population Review. You don't necessarily need to visit a zoo to see them, although that would be easier. They also care for them at Wendt's Wildlife Adventure in Carlisle KY.

You are also permitted to hunt them with a license. (On a personal note, though, I would hope no one does.)

What's more, many states ALLOW pet ownership of porcupines, but those who might be interested are warned against it, for obvious reasons. Just TRY cuddling with something that's covered in sharp quills.

Where You Might Find Porcupines in Kentucky

If you now have a mission to see if you can go find one, they will be hanging out in heavily forested areas. Plus, you'll need a flashlight; they are nocturnal. But, honestly, you will likely be unsuccessful. Porcupines sport more than 30,000 quills which can detach when they thrash their tails upon being threatened.

Is it cool that we have porcupines in Kentucky? I think so. Do I hold out any hope that I will ever see one outside of an enclosure like a zoo or a preserve? Absolutely not.

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